Kalief Browder, died 2014. His story deeply touched me and still to this day bothers me. No money can undo Kalief dying and no amount of money can undo the traumatic experiences in Riker’s island. Yet he is not forgotten! Mental health is serious! He was so brave, 13 plea offer all denied why? He refused to plea guilty for a crime he did not commit… Kalief was unfortunately one of those who slipped through the cracks tremendously! This could’ve been nipped in the butt there were so many wrong turns! Between the lack of investigation, lack of financial support and etc he was not given the fair chance, as to a white man getting his fair day in court. January of 2019 his lawsuit was settle for 3 million dollars… again can no money undo doing 2 years in solitary confinement and treated poorly… Americans think money solve problems but yet another family is torn apart and damage because of the system failing them instead of protecting the community!